Virtual Data Room Platform for safe and secure data sharing in the cloud.

Who we are

We are a team of passionate people that started LetsAsk during the pandemic to create a tool where management and HR departments could measure employee’s wellbeing when many employees were sent home due to the pandemic. This helped mangers to track and monitor well-being and performance, especially when many employees were spread out due to the pandemic situation.

We have since expanded our product and services and seen increased interest from many different industries to help them gain valuable insights into their organizations well-being and performance.

With our background in software development and managing employees, we continue growing and innovating our product and features to match customer expectations. We listen carefully to trends in the modern workforce and where we can give significant value to our customers.

Our Vision

We have a clear vision. We are building a platform that will help organizations understand, improve and continue creating the best workplaces for their employees.

We are building a set of tools that can help people and organizations grow and evolve together, personally and as teams.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to build the best platform out there for employee experience. Our mission is to continue evolve and expand our platform by our own visions and by the feedback we get from our customers.

We want to the be the tool that brings the right insight into any organizations well-being.

Our Values

We value our customers and our employees for their honest and open feedback. It is important to us, so we can grow our platform with the best ideas out there, so we can help build the workplaces of tomorrow.

Together as a team, we trust in our ideas and visions.

We love what we do

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